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Oxford Bible Church



Oxford Bible Church



  • Oxford Bible Church
  • 363 Banbury Road
  • Oxford
  • Oxfordshire
  • OX2 7PL


2.3 miles away



Phone No : +44 (0)1865 515086



 Latest Review :   "Visited here on the 10th September 2023 and perhaps I was hoping for more but sadly was somewhat disappointed!"


oxford bible church Latest Reviews

Reviewed : 18 Apr 2024

Not sure I agree with his interpretation?

Looks like the pastor likes to cherry-pick bible verses to refute the point that we should love our neighbours. No learned scholars of religion would agree with his interpretation!

Reviewed : 10 Apr 2024

Discrimination shame on you ...

If I could rate a zero I would. I went last new years with my black wife and was shunned by everyone there. They embraced me and turned away from her. I've posted about this on another review and no one from Oxford bible church denied or affirmed it. Very racist congregation. If you aren't white, you are treated differently.

Reviewed : 10 Apr 2024

Our church though smaller is much nicer.

As visitors to Oxford we recently attended the service as a family and whilst the congregation were both helpful and welcoming unfortunately the venue was a let down.

Reviewed : 05 Apr 2024

It was so misleading!

Attended Oxford bible church as a visitor from another church they've taught against Isiah 11:6. They've spoken against animals and denied them having breath of life from God and said they won't go to heaven. That is clearly not true as stated in the Bible. ACTUALLY READ YOUR BIBLE. don't let someone else do all of the reading to you. You need to see the truth of the Bible from your own eyes. Not all people who say they believe do. Some are trying to mislead you.

Reviewed : 04 Apr 2024

Money is obviously top of their agenda!

This church is about putting money over people. Will not return ever again!


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